Did You Know?

Nigeria is Africa's most populous country!

About 40.1% of the population is classified as poor. 82.9 million people in the country of Nigeria live below the poverty line of 137,430 naira ($381.75) a year. Many parents cannot afford to buy school supplies, new clothes, or shoes for their children. Often times, these children do not attend school because they lack the proper necessities.

We are passionate about our belief that every child deserves the chance to receive a quality education. Through our programs GTG Rebuilds and Supplies for Life, we aim to provide public school students who come from low-income families with the basic essentials they need to have a successful school year.

Our programs are:

Setting students up for success

We provide access to:
New backpacks-many parents cannot afford to purchase backpacks for their kids, resorting to them carrying plastic bags to class instead.
School supplies-we don't want any student to miss class because they lack the basic materials they need to succeed.
New shoes & clothes- who doesn't love new shoes?!

Creating quality school buildings

We elevate the learning experience of students by:
Rebuilding, repairing, & completely renovating their school buildings.
Providing a safer learning environment for both students and teachers.
Creating more classrooms for underfunded public schools.

Taking the load off of parents

We give them less to worry about by:
Ensuring their child has basic learning essentials so that they can prioritize providing food for their families.
Assisting students from low income families with new clothes and shoes.
Grant financial scholarships to low income students with stellar grades.

Meet a Future World Changer!

Sarah Akodu, 11 years old

This is Sarah, one of our Supplies for Life beneficiaries. We asked her a few questions on the day we visited her school so that we could get to know her a little better.

Sarah loves to dance and wants to be a lawyer when she gets older. She was so excited to receive a new backpack stocked with school supplies since her old backpack was worn down.

We are honored to serve students like Sarah who dream big!


"We are so happy to have people like you as part of our donor family. Your support will make it possible for us to create an environment where learning is conducive and more convenient for the learners."

Mr. Amusa Afolabi

Education Secretary Local Government Education Authority (Ikorodu)

"Our school was looted. The robbers came and packed everything away. Grace to Give Foundation came in and renovated everything, and our building is looking beautiful."

Mrs. Morayo Ogun

Former Head Teacher, Community Primary School,Abule Egba

"I got a new book bag, notebooks, pencils, and erasers. I'm going to use them in JS1...thank you Grace to Give Foundation!"

Azima Odewale

Student, Osho Sholu Primary School

Program Sponsors

Thank you to the following companies for sponsoring Supplies for Life!
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